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Are you there Margaret it's me god

ve must vem must ve must exercise our bust. but ve must also make some quality film. ve must making something of ourselves and uphold the good name of this company. vithout quality production ve ar nothing.

Bitchin Vitchin

I think the Vitchkas should start vitching.


I think  we should have  definite schedule that all members can stand by, barring illness and, of course, absence not related to a lack commitment.

Members ONLY!

The Goal: Vitchka Productions is currently working on a project (of which we cannot speak of because it's undercover uber top secret-y) And are using this LJ as a tool to share information among Vitchka members.

Involvement from others who are not Vitchkas but have piqued curiousity?: Not much... BUT there will be tiny hints of the mysterious Vitchka pie posted, like character BIOs and cast pics, maybe info on what we're doing (something more conspicious) but otherwise, eh, not much...slim pickens.

So enjoy!!!

-- Signed Dizzee


Vitchka Productions! Vitching since '08


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